Monday, 30 April 2012

New Car/Birthday

Hi all

Just had to let you all know I'm so excited that at last we have a car after nearly 5 months without one in the middle of know where It's been a knightmere.  The Gap Insurance Company wouldn't pay out they only wanted to pay £312.00 which was a load of rubbish so our Finance Company ended up taking them to court.  So it finally went off our credit report a couple of weeks ago.  It's driven us mad.  Anyway thanks to Paul's step Dad Andrew he got a new car and we've bought his from him.  It's an 08 Renault Megan.

So it's my birthday today 1st May and Paul's got the day off work so we can actually go out for the day which will be lovely.  I'm so sick of seeing these 4 walls let me tell you.

Hope your all okay and haven't got too much rain.  It's been lovely here in Norfolk today but don't know how long that will last for.

Speak to you soon.
Jenny xx


  1. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! Hope you have a great day, and go out for a spin in your new car - toot, toot :) Di xx

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday Jenny! It's mine tomorrow (3rd). So pleased you got your car sorted, sounds like you've had a terrible time with the insurance co. Hope you have lots of fun and visit lots of nice places in your new car.
    Take care, Colette xx :)