Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter


Happy Easter, hope your all okay and having a good weekend.  We've had a mad time as usual since I last posted.  We had an awful time as one Friday morning I woke up to hear a shower noise running and couldn't   understand it.  Woke Paul up who woke up when he heard it, went downstairs to find water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen and lounge, we couldn't find the stop cock and had to phone MHS who said they'd send someone out in 3 hours.  Paul went and knocked on neighbours doors who of course weren't in and then found someone who told us where the stop cock was.  Mean while water still running through the ceiling     I found buckets and placed the round the house.  Paul turned the stop cock off and we ran all the water through the system which took about 40 minutes and eventually an engineer turned up.  On top of all that I had a doctors appointment which is always a knight mare.  I came home to find the engineer gone and our carpets wet through.  My craft table and some papers cards etc ruined.  We had to move it all into the kitchen and I was doing Mum's mother's day card and christening invitations   We had a further two people come round and one of them said oh the carpets are ruined won't be good enough for march out.  I could have thumbed him.  He put a finger through ceiling.  The heating gave way another two times and had further engineers come round but the left us to it with the carpets and ceilings I was not a happy bunny.

Granddad Johnson has been taken back to hospital last Wednesday and sounds like the same thing as last time so let's hope they sort it out this time.  We're going to see him tomorrow night.

Paul's finished work now and is trying to find work he keeps writing for jobs and doesn't even get a reply.  It seems 22 years in the RAF doesn't count for anything these days.  Let's hope he finds something soon.

I've finally finished the christening invitations thank goodness but I'm happy with them and hopefully will get them to Clair in the next few days.

These are my Easter cards I've made for my family this year.  I hope you like them.

This one is using Hero Art stamps and my Spectrun Noir Pens.

This one is using a stamp I've had for a while and my Spectrum Noir Pens and backing papers from a Crafters Companion cd rom.

This one is using the same stamp and coloured in with my Spectrum pens and using an embossing folder too.

Can't remember the Company where I got this stamp from but again it's coloured in with my Spectrum pens and using a backing paper from my cd rom.

This one is using the same cross stamp and coloured with my Spectrum pens using a X-Cut die and backing paper from my cd roms.

Again this is one of my stamps and coloured in with my Spectrum pens which  I love and using a backing paper from my cd roms.

Have a good rest of a weekend.
Jenny x