Saturday, 3 November 2012

Paul's Aunties Birthday Card

Hi all

Sorry I've not posted for a while it's been mad here as usual.  We've just found out that Paul's last day working in the RAF after 22 years will be March 22nd 2013.  We've got until August 26th which will be Paul's official last day to find a job and somewhere to live (deep joy).  So Paul's in the process of going on Re-settlement courses and looking for a job, which under the current climate could be hard so keep all your fingers crossed for us.

In the mean time I've been making my Mum's cards for her and trying to make our cards and presents too.  I'll try and take some photos of them and add them to my blog.  Before I'll have to pack up my craft things starting with my Christmas stock.

So here's one of my latest cards I'm sure I've not added to my blog yet and it's one I've made for one of Paul's Aunties.  They have their own horse so hence why I've chosen this image.

Hope everyone is okay and having a good weekend.  Enjoy bonfire night if your doing anything.

I hope all of our American friends are okay and have survived 'Sandy' I couldn't believe what I was watching on the CNN news.  Take care all of you.

Jenny xx