Monday, 21 July 2014

Etsy Shop

Hi all

Hope your all okay and the weather is lovely where you are too?/  I've finally got round to setting up an Etsy Shop.  I've been thinking of doing one for a long time but with moving and life generally getting in the way I've not had the chance.  So at last I've plucked up the courage to do it.  Here's my link.

Please drop by and have a look.  I'm going to try and keep adding new things in all the time.


Jenny x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Polkadoodle card

Hi all

I've made this card for one of my nieces 18th Birthday.  I've used one of Polkadoodle's cd's and coloured it in with Spectrum Noir pens. Pumched flowers and leaves and gems.

Hope your all okay?  Sorry I've not blogged for a while Don't know where time goes.  It's been mad since Christmas.  Grandad Johnson has had to have another Cancer operation bless him he's 90 in September and he goes back after Easter to check how it's going so we're all keeping our fingers crossed. 

I've had my meds changed I've been given morphine patches for my back, I had to come off one lot of meds and it knocked me for six.  I've never felt so tired in all my life.  I've never been one for sleeping during the day but I could have just sat down and nodded off it was awful.  Took me a while to get used to it.  I've recently been back to my GP and they have given me the next one up as I felt it didn't really make any differnece and I was still taking my Tramadol and 8 Paracetamol each day and still in pain.  So we'll give them a chance and see how it goes. 

Then Hannah our gorgeous dog came ill and wouldn't eat.  We had to take her to the vets who put her on a drip.  We thoought we were going to loose her.  She's nearly 14 and we love her to bits.  Her Gallbladder was 9 times it's size and her Kidney's were really high.  After about a month of backwards and forwardsing to  the vets Her Kidney's have gone down and her Gallbladder is 5 times it's size so the meds are working and she's back to her happy self.  We'll keep an eye on her and hope she keeps improving the vet was really pleased with her last week.

Paul left the RAF last year as you know and hasn't been able to get a job.  We've become Forever Living Distributors which we love but we need a regular income.  So to cut a long story short Paul has started a cours in London so he's there Mon to Fri it's an IT Consultant course for FDM and they get him a job at the end of it so fingers crossed there too.  He's doing really well and has been there 5 weeks already.

So as you can see it's been mad. 

Hope you like the card.  Please leave a comment.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

BeBunni Card


Sorry for not blogging in a while don't know where time goes sometimes.  It's been mad since Christmas.  First of all Grandad Johnson was ill and in hospital.  Then I've been given Morphine patches for my back and it had a knock on affect with my other meds and knoecked me out for six.  I've knocked the other meds off now and am back on track so that's good.  Then Hannah our dog has been ill.  She's still not out of the woods yet as she's 14 bless her so we take each day at a time.  I don't think all this rain and  damp weather we've been having is helping do you?  I'll be glad when Spring and the bettter weather is here.  At least I've got my crafting to keep me going.  I do love it so much.

This is Hubbie's Valentine's card that I made him.  I do the the Bebunni Collection from Crafter's Companion it's gorgeous.  Mind you I've just treat myself to the new 4 day deal this week too.

Hope you like it it's coloured in with my Spectrum Noir pens and the paper and border are from the cd rom, the corners and swirls are from my new Brother Scan and Cut which I am loving too.

Have a great week everyone.  Hope your all keeping well.

Jenny xx