Saturday, 25 June 2011


I'm home alone at the moment. Paul is at Headley Court the Help the Hero's center in Epping, London for 3 weeks. He's had a shoulder injury so they are looking at that for him. It's been very quite especially without Chumley as well. So there's just me and Hannah here. She's doing okay bless her eating her dinner and is slowly starting to play and be cheecky again. I live away from my family with Paul been in the RAF we move around a bit. So I phone my parents each day as they are both in their 80's and are doing amazing for their age but I still worry been so far away. I don't know who's dafter as Mum says hello to Hannah each day and Hannah woofs 'Hello Grandma' back to her. It's so funny.

I've been having a play with my paint fusion stuff today my berries don't look that great but I've not got the same paint/brushes that Sheena uses. I've got some of the paints but are going to have to add to it. My lavender didn't look to bad or the daisies. I've also finished knitting a scarf with the wool that has the balls on it in different shades this colour is the blue shades. I'm really pleased with it.

Right off to make my nephew's birthday card for next week now.


Jenny xx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

couple of new cards

Hi All

Here's a couple of cards I've made recently. The bottom one is a My Craft Studio, no stamp required image from Nancy's Deco Follie's cd rom. The top card is a Crafters Companion image from their Humphrey cd rom. Sorry for the rubbish photo's, must get better at taking them.

Hope you like them would love any comments.

Jenny x