Friday, 26 August 2011


Hi all

Hope your all okay and looking forward to the long weekend. Don't know what we're doing yet, we may go to the Craft Fair at Thetford on Sunday it's usually quite good.

Got a question for you - How can you store either Promarkers or Copics. I started with a box of Copics but they started to run out quickly and someone got me to use Promarkers and I've moved onto them and get on well with them but I can't remember which one you can stand up or lay down. Can anyone help me?

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Jenny xx

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  1. Hi Jenny! Not sure what we'll be doing this weekend - a car boot sale sounds like fun!

    Pro Marker storage - on their sides apparently chick! Here's a posting I did on my blog about the storage I have -

    It's great and works for me. I've read about others using CD storage racks but this one I have is made especially for PMs.

    Wooh, spooky! The word verification that just came up was copec!!!

    Have a great weekend! Di xx