Thursday, 15 August 2013

Finally Moved


Sorry I've not blogged for a little while it's been a bit mad recently.  We've finally moved house at last.  It's been hard as we've had to move ourselves this time.  It's Paul's last move from the RAF and believe it or not they leave you to it and don't pay for it or help with the move so we've had to pack and do it all ourselves.  We didn't realise how much stuff we actually had until we've moved.  I have to say though I'm not going to miss the RAF or the quarters etc.  The house we've found is lovely it's in Lincolnshire and it's 3 bedroomed detached and I actually have claimed the study downstairs as my craft room (yeah).  It's so quite it's bliss in our last house it was semi detached and let's just say not the best neighbours in the World that we had to share the walls with they were noisy and screamed a lot shouted at the kids who screamed and cryed a lot and played music.  To wake up here we're woken up if we here it to the sound of someones Cockeral which is bliss we've both slept better since we've moved.  All we need now is for Paul to get a job so if anyone knows of anything please let me know.

Hopefully I should be back blogging asap as soon as I've started unpacking the craft room.

Hope your all okay.

Jenny xx

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  1. So pleased you've made the move Jenny! Here's wishing you lots of happy times in your new home (and craft room!) - and that Paul finds a job soon.

    Hugs, Di xx