Tuesday, 29 November 2011



Sorry I've not been around for a while. My father in law kindly took us to the NEC for the day and we stayed over at their house the night before and left Hannah there as their cousin across the road came and let her out for us. So we had a nice time there. After coming home though on the Monday night for some reason we don't know why I became really poorly and had a bad stomach bug it sounds almost as if I'd eaten something I shouldn't have. I was bad for a few days and what made it worse was I couldn't eat anything and keep it down so I couldn't take my back tablets and was in agony. Paul ended up calling the doctors and getting some anti sickness tablets just so that I could at least take some paracetamol which helped a bit.

Then after getting over that we ended up having no phone line for 5 days so no internet either. Neither of us realised how much we used the internet. Don't know what happened they never did tell us what happened just problems on the line the usual thing.

Now we have no heating!!! we realised on Friday night that the radiators have gone cold. So we phoned Modern Housing Solutions who arranged for someone to come over who turned up at 10.00 pm. He couldn't fix it and said the unit has gone US. We phoned again on Saturday to be told we had to phone in again on Monday morning and put it in as a new job. Then on Monday when we phoned in we again to be told it would be the 5th December before someone can come. They left us with two rubbish heaters and that's it. Not a happy bunny. We went to the Hive who told us to complain which we did today and someone is supposed to be phoning me in the morning but the house is freezing.

Sorry for the long post and the rant.

Hope your all okay.

Jenny x


  1. Oh Jenny - what a time you've been having! Depends who your phone is with but BT refund for days lost without phone lines. The heating situation is appalling, if stuck can you phone Social Services? - plus you not having been well on top of it all. Let's hope that's the three things that come in threes honey! Di xx

  2. HI Jen,

    I'm really sorry, but I've misplaced your address for the Craft Artist Professional Software that you won. Can you please visit my blog again and let me know your address please?

    Sorry for the delay!

    Clare x