Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Challenge Cards


Got a question for all you lovely crafters out there. What do you do with all the Challenge cards you make?

I keep looking at them and I've had a go at a couple but didn't want to not use the cards I make.

Jenny x


  1. Hi there Jen. It depends really - if you want to re-use the elements then I suppose you could take them apart? Believe it or not I read on a well known crafters blog (she makes cards for magazines) that she actually uses white tack (the white version of blue tack) to stick her flowers etc on with - so after she's taken the photos she can then take the elements off and re-use them!! I was really taken aback at this but my OH says it's no different to modelling in industry. My solution Jen is to wait until I have a few cards I know I won't use and then I box them up and send them to St Luke's Hospice in Sheffield - here's a link to their website:

    Hope this helps? Di xx

  2. Hi Jen, a lot of my DT cards are comissioned cards which is good but I never have enough for me to actually send to people.
    Before I had lots of orders coming in I donated a few to my local hospice to sell in their shop
    hugs Mandy xx