Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ideas from a Stampscape Class


I mentioned recently that we went to a Stampscape class at BJ Crafts in Tilney St Lawrence in Norfolk. This is run by a Husband and Wife Team who are lovely and love crafting. Jean does the classes, she's brilliant at them and explains this really well. Stampscapes is an American Company and there are only 3 Companies in the UK who sell them and 1 of the is the main Distributer of them. I love them you can make all sorts of scenes up with them.

Hope the photos are okay there probably not the best and don't do the best for the pictures we created. It's amazing how 3 people can have the same stamps and be told to do the same things yet come out with different pictures.

You can't buy on the internet from BJ Crafts but you can order from them from over the phone or by going into the shop. Bob and Jean have also started doing some shows this year too. I've done a link to their shop.

Don't know if anyone ever looks at my blog at all as I never seem to get any messages left. I'd love to know what people think of my cards etc.


Jenny x


  1. Jen - BJ Crafts were at my local craft fair today and I bought some of these stamps. I am also thinking of going to a workshop. Impressions cards - Susan

  2. Sorry for confusion Jen - that should have said Impressive Cards! Must have been tried when I typed that!