Sunday, 14 February 2010

Auntie's 70th Birthday card and gift


It was my Auntie Val's 70th birthday on Saturday and her sons organised a suprise party for her. Her husband died just over a year and a half a go and she still gets upset over it and has found it hard this winter as it would have been his birthday in January.

We went up on friday and got there about 7.00 p.m. and stayed at one of my cousins as it's a good 3-4 hours away. It was only a little party at my cousins house and one of their friend's did the food which was fantastic. The cake was amazing. So to say she was suprised when she walked in and saw her 2 sisters and brother, us and a couple of her friends and obviously her 2 sons and their families. I'm amazed we managed to keep it a seceret.

I was happy as well as I got to see my Mum and Dad who I've not seen since just before Christmas.

For special birthdays etc I always do a cross stitch and even though I've done card making for ages now they still expect a cross stitch card/gift.

I then managed to find the same flower and colourfor the card so it matched the cross stitch. We all remembered to post her cards as normal otherwise she would have wondered why we hadn't bothered. She really like the cross stitch and card I'm please to say

Auntie Val was quite shocked that we had all gone there for her and we all had a really good time as we haven't seen each other for a while now. So she wasn't on her own after the party we went back and stayed with her on Saturday night and came back home today and left about 11.30 a.m. We made our way to the kennels and picked our dogs up who were very pleased to see us to say the least.

Jenny x

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  1. Stunning creations, I'm sure your Auntie Val will treasure them. My mum turned 70 last month. Come to think of it I know quite a few folk turning 70 this year.... Must have been a good year.
    Sandra x